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FACING UP is a web series in 14 episodes of 14 minutes each. As a short web series and a thriller/drama, FACING UP tells the story of a young female singer and jazz composer who struggles to find her way. Her bad decisions due to her lacked discernment led her sometimes on the wrong path. In that web-series, passion, disappointment, and betrayal are legions.


Newborn in Africa

”Newborn in Africa” is a documentary-series on mothering practices in Africa. We want to identify care offer to the newborn based on the culture in which he is born. What is interesting is also to study the transformations that those practices of mothering undergo once one of the members of the observed cultural groups moves in Montreal.

web series

Fun Call

“Fun Call” is a comic Web Series that explores the rarely exploited theme of call centers. The web series tells the life of a pitiful character who discovers himself, an entrepreneurial soul, in adversity. It is a web series full of twist that cannot leave anyone indifferent. 

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Facing Up


Newborn in Africa


Fun Call