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“If you are looking for a promotional video that’ll meet your needs or are interested in original movies for your digital video streaming platforms, Eratalfilms would love to help.” Lazeni, Ceo of Eratalfilms.

Film Production

The feature films we develop and produce are meant for film festivals such as the TIFF, the TBFF, Nikon film festival, Vue d’Afrique. Mostly based on unknown African legend and stories, our feature films are the best way to explore a brand new word of creation.

Produced mainly for tv channels, transportation companies, and digital streaming platforms, our web series are a rendezvous with originality, innovation, and creativity. We always try to go beyond your expectations, to provide you with a pleasant and memorable experience.

We use the cartoon as an educational tool for kids and teens. That’s why we associate different specialists in the writing process of the screenplays. Therefore, our cartoons are not just about telling a story. It also about transferring values to our children.


The main specificity of our documentaries is to explore African cultures and customs. It’s more about an ethnographic odyssey throughout Africa cultures meant to value them. That’s why we take the time to explore the main point of each culture we work on.

The documentaries series are more about medical and health anthropology. We base our research on aspects such as human health and disease, health care systems, and biocultural adaptation and transformation in Africa.

Our docufictions are the fact of reconstitution of various historical facts in connection with subjects which interests us strongly. It is definitely a representation that can illustrate more or less accurately the facts told.

Promotional Video

Our new type of corporate video focuses on how the service received and the attitude of your employees has had a positive impact on the best memories of your customers. In doing so, we build a more humane image of your enterprise. We strengthen the positioning of your brand.

When we work on a Product Launching Video, we visually emphasize the unique tangible benefits of your product or service. We think that the game changer is to be able to visually show how your product or service can definitely solve problems.

If you see an event exactly like a tangible product, it means you understand that all that matters is about solving problems. That’s why, We don’t only take beautiful shots, we also explain visually how your event can solve problems.

Why Eratalfilms?

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Eratalfilms is ready to create an audiovisual and cinema masterwork for Tv channels, digital streaming platforms, companies, and independent workers.

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